Digital Tools

As a key pillar, DHA supports the development and deployment of several digital tools that enable healthcare providers to deliver standardized service, capture health data and provide data-driven services.

Below is information on all the digital tools USAID DHA supports within the health system.

Electronic Community Health Information System (eCHIS)

The eCHIS is a mobile platform that assists in the management of health extension programs through the collection and use of demographic data, health services delivery information and service utilization.

Health professional providing service to patients using the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system at Ferensay Health Center.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

EMR is a digital version of a medical chart which is a collection of information about a patient’s demographics, vital signs, progress notes, problems, immunization dates, allergies, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, radiology images, laboratory orders and test results.

Store Manager at Maychew Health Center, Addis Ababa, using the Dagu system.


Dagu is a compound software solution designed to manage supply chain functions at service delivery points. It includes an inventory management system at the facility store level and a patient service management system at the dispensing unit level. It is designed to manage daily transactions incorporating the business process and operations at each health facility. 


Vitas is a locally developed, open source, custom software platform designed to support warehouse management, inventory control, and logistics management information. It is used to control inventory, from receipt to issue, and manage movement and storage in Ethiopia Pharmaceutical Supply Service (EPSS) center and hub warehouses.


Fanos is an online tool that makes EPSS supply chain data accessible in real time through the visual presentation of selected supply chain indicators. It is complimented by a mobile Android app that provides access to the same data via a smartphone.


mBrana is an open source mobile software platform designed to manage inventory – from receipt to issue. It is fully integrated into Vitas, EPSS’s supply chain management information system, and Fanos, EPSS’s supply chain dashboard, in order to ensure end-to-end visibility into the entire EPSS supply chain.

Master Facility Registry (MFR) dashboard in use by DHA staff at the St Peter Hospital Innovation Lab.

Master Facility Registry (MFR)

The MFR is a locally developed, open source, custom soft ware platform designed to provide a definitive list of all facilities operating within the Ethiopian health sector. It registers and tracks a set of administrative information for each facility (unique ID, location, phone number, etc.).

Electronic Regulatory Information System (eRIS)

eRIS is the umbrella system at EFDA comprised of sub-systems which work together:

  • i-License which allows entities to apply for certificate of competency to register and import products.
  • i-Register which used to manage the medicine registration process when an applicant seeks to register a pharmaceutical in Ethiopia for later import.
  • i-Import which used to manage the import process, once registered in Ethiopia.
  • i-Verify which is used to verify and check the legality and authorization status of medicines by EFDA and monitor the movement of medicines from manufacturer to the point of issue.

Integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS)

iHRIS is an open source tool which helps to manage human resource Administration, Capacity Development and Licensing. iHRIS enables users to manage human capital and track the health workforce, providing the Ministry of Health (MOH) and all health stakeholders a system to progressively improve the availability, quality and use of data on their health workforce, allowing the country to have comprehensive and multi-faceted data to strengthen the Human Resource for Health (HRH) decision-making process.

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