The benefit of eAPTS and its integration with EMR

The integration of eAPTS with the EMR system has greatly simplified and expedited the process of recording patient information and generating aggregate reports in hospital dispensary units.

Previously, a dispenser had to manually go through each prescription, meticulously jotting down the details of the medication in a ledger book. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, every month, the dispenser had to spend a week aggregating the sales per sponsor and generating the report to be sent to the finance department.

With the implementation of eAPTS and its integration with the EMR system, this task has become much easier and instantaneous. The dispenser can now access the sales report on eAPTS, which contains the aggregated data of all patients. By simply filtering out the insured patients, the dispenser can quickly export the relevant data and send it to the person responsible for collecting the payments.

According to Mahlet Dejene, a dispensary officer at Sabian General Hospital who had previously spent more than a week preparing the Community-Based Health Insurance report, eAPTS has drastically reduced the time and effort required. Now, she can export the data in seconds, review the report for a minute, and promptly send it to the responsible person. The overall task that used to take more than a week to complete is now finalized in less than five minutes.

The implementation of eAPTS and its integration into the EMR system has not only streamlined the recording and reporting process, but also improved efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness when it comes to managing patient information and insurance-related transactions in a hospital dispensary units.

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