Harar Science College Launches e-Learning Hub

On August 31, 2023: Harar Health Science College launched its Digital Learning Hub built in collaboration with USAID’s Digital Health Activity (DHA) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The Harar Science College, one of the health science colleges supported by USAID’s DHA, introduced its live learning management system (LMS) via http://elearning.harar.edu.et/dls. This online platform offers various online courses on electronic Health Information Systems and tools, Ethiopian Primary Health Care Clinical Guidelines (EPHCG) and malaria in pregnancy contributing to the overall capacity-building efforts in the field of digital health.

The launching event was attended by esteemed guests including the State Minister of Health, Dr. Ayele Teshome, USAID Ethiopia Health Office Director, Mr. Jonathan Ross, the Head of Harari Regional Health Bureau, Mr. Yasin Abdullahi, and the Dean of Harar Health Science College, Mr. Abdulsemed Mohammed and other honorable guests and the colleges’ academic staff. 

Traditional classroom-based training is insufficient to meet the high demand for capacity-building activities. Therefore, this innovative digital solution aims to provide accessible and scalable training opportunities for healthcare professionals.

The eLearning platform promises to revolutionize healthcare education and empower healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to meet the evolving needs of Ethiopia’s health sector.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Jonathan Ross emphasized the significance of the eLearning platform in achieving the desired cultural transformation in health information use.

USAID’s DHA, in close partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Skill and Labor, and Health Science Colleges, has played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of this sustainable capacity-building mechanism.

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