The Story of Our Women Champions: Medhin Abrha Teka and Eleni Gebru

In the face of adversity, two extraordinary individuals emerged as shining examples of resilience and dedication, crafting a story of triumph amidst hardship.

Medhin Abrha Teka, stationed at Haikmeshal Health Center in the Agula district, demonstrated remarkable determination amidst the challenges of wartime conditions. Despite the odds, Medhin cleverly safeguarded the DHIS2 computer, ensuring its protection from potential damage or loss. Her unwavering commitment extended to careful data collection and entry into DHIS2, spanning for two years, all while enduring the hardships and facing the absence of salary and guidance.

Eleni Gebru, Adwa District Health, Health Management Information system Officer

Reflecting on her actions, Medhin shared, “It might be helpful for analysis if I collected and saved [data] in the computer. All staff were working in this condition, so why not me? I might be requested by any organization for data during the conflict time and may use it for some meaningful purpose for our people, so I contributed.”

Similarly, Eleni Gebru, serving as an HMIS officer at the Adwa district health office, persevered through conflict-ridden areas with unwavering resolve. Despite the adversities of war zones, Eleni adeptly safeguarded computers and ensured uninterrupted data entry into DHIS 2 software for two years. Her dedication to maintaining data integrity across numerous health facilities within the district significantly bolstered the district’s data management capabilities.

Eleni emphasized the importance of their work, stating, “All staff of the health facilities were working too hard during this time to save lives of the people, so I should work to collect the data and enter it into the system for further use. If I have to collect the data, instead of collecting using paper and exposing it to other damage, better to use the system and I do have a moral obligation to collect data in this devastating conflict.”

The unwavering commitment and exemplary performance demonstrated by Medhin and Eleni are evidence of their professionalism and dedication to their roles. Their contributions not only fortified our health information management systems but also served as an inspiration to us all.

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